IGP - Hautes Alpes

For three generations we have considered that the wine is made in the vines more than in the cellar. For us, having healthy grapes of excellent quality is the condition sine qua non for making good wines.

We are therefore particularly attentive to our environment, take great care of our soil and pamper our vines. At Domaine Allemand there are no machine tools… we prune, remove side-shoots, trim and harvest the grapes exclusively by hand.

After the grapes are pressed, we add no oenological products to improve or transform the taste of our wines. Our only actions are mechanical… cap punching, pumping over, stirring, maturing on fine lees etc. The only thing that goes into our wines is our labour, our skill, and a little bit of our soul….


IGP - Hautes Alpes

The sunny and windy climate of our valley, situated at altitude, means that we can dispense with insecticides.

Generally speaking, we hardy treat our vines at all, and the few products that we do use are essentially organic.

In those years where disease is more prevalent we don’t entirely rule out protective systemic treatment before the grapes have formed. Such treatment allows us to later avoid more massive doses of copper, which is permitted in organic agriculture but which is extremely harmful to health and pollutes the environment.

Regular analyses carried out by accredited external laboratories demonstrate that our wines are totally free of all chemical residues.