Our Story

We are a family of winemakers who have been dedicated to safeguarding and championing the cause of indigenous grape varieties and the viticultural heritage of the Hautes Alpes for three generations. We are commited activists in favour of the diversity of aromas and pleasures, and against the standardisation of taste!

Our mountain environment is magnificent, and we want to protect it. So we work using the most natural methods possible, partly using horse traction in the vineyard, and with minimum intervention and sulphites in our wines. Our grapes are all picked by hand, and we have been certified High Environmental Value since 2020 and in conversion to organic agriculture since 2021.

For several years now I have been making the wines alongside my father. Authentic wines that reflect who and what we are. We both share the same passion for mountain viticulture, with its vine plots clinging to the steep slopes, its heritage vines, and its unique wines.


The Hautes-alpes

A high-altitude Terroir

It has to be said that the alpine terroir offers us a fabulous landscape to work with. Our vines sit at around 700 metres altitude in the heart of the Alps on slopes that sweep down to the river Durance.


The soil of limestone clay in our parcels at Théüs and the more loamy soils of those situated at Tallard, together with the altitude and the wide thermal amplitude (hot days and cold nights) of our region, offer us ideal conditions in which to make the type of beautifully fresh wines with a touch of minerality on the finish that are characteristic of our Domaine.


We are also distinguished by having, with the help of the French Vine and Wine Institute, saved the native grape variety of the Hautes Alpes from certain extinction – Mollard. You will find it nowhere else but within our IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) of the Hautes Alpes. Its name may seem strange but in these parts Mollard means ‘little mound’ or ‘little mountain’… so surrounded by Alpine peaks it is therefore perfectly in its element. This red grape with its lovely spicy notes is the viticultural emblem of our valley, and we use it to make a range of different wines in both red and rosé. We are extremely proud that our work has seen this heritage grape regain its rightful recognition and esteem.

IGP Hautes-Alpes

Our Wines

Our wines are all accredited IGP Hautes-Alpes (Protected Geographical Indication), and regularly receive awards in national wine competitions and are recommended in guides such as the Bettane et Desseauve or the Hachette Wine Guide.

Pompon vin rouge domaine allemand


Pompon is named after the horse that works in our vineyards. The grapes are picked by hand and made as a natural wine, with no added sulphites or any other inputs. Made with respect for the environment, for living matter, and for biodiversity, it enables the Mollard grape to attain the purest expression of its terroir of origin, with notes of wild cherry, spices, leather, and a touch of minerality.

Théüsien rouge domaine allemand

Le théüsien rouge

Théüsien Red made from 100% Mollard is the most emblematic of the Domaine Allemand wines. This light and fruity red can be enjoyed on all occasions. From aperitif to the cheeseboard, it is an excellent table companion, and it the perfect easy-drinking, convivial wine to bring out when friends come round!

ma cuvée blanc domaine allemand

Ma cuvée - Blanc

A blend of Chardonnay and Muscat, vinified in barrel with daily lees stirring, then aged on fine lees in the same French oak barrels... Ma cuvée White is a micro-cuvée of which rarely more than a thousand bottles are produced. Smooth and voluptuous in the mouth, it is the perfect match for gastronomy, ideal for a special meal.

Our Activities

We would be delighted to receive you at the Domaine for a tasting of our wines. We can also organise, on request, an introduction to oenology in a workshop with family or friends, discovery walks in the vines to learn more about our heritage grapes, or themed gourmet tasting workshops based on cheese or chocolate.


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