All our wines are notable for their superb freshness and touch of minerality on the finish which are the hallmarks of our Domaine. 

They are made from grapes that have been carefully picked by hand, and the winemaking process is totally artisanal, with a minimum of intervention and sulphites. The estate has been certified HEV (High Environmental Value) since 2020 and we decided to begin the process of conversion to organic viticulture in 2021.

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Les Petits Plaisirs

We call them our “Petits Plaisirs, or small pleasures, because these are easy-going wines that are great for drinking anytime with friends. Deliciously gluggable, fruity, and light… they will happily go through from aperitif to dessert.   


Nature & Co

“Nature & Co” is a range particularly respectful of the environment, living beings, biodiversity, and our local terroirs.

Pompon is a red wine made from 100% Mollard grapes. It is named after the first horse to rework our soils. It is vinified according to the “natural” method (from organically farmed vines, with no added sulfites during vinification and no additives of any kind).

Végas is a white wine cuvée barrel-vinified from our Chardonnay presses. It is named after the mare that works the soils of the parcels from which it originates. It contains very low sulfite levels and is unfiltered, making it a particularly authentic wine!

Cheval Pompon


Les Théüsiens

The Théüsien wines are single varietal wines, made from Mollard and Muscat. They are our most emblematic and most original wines. You won’t really know our terroir until you’ve tasted them!


The Prestige Collection

These are our tried-and-true wines. In white and red (a single vineyard Chardonnay for the white Globe Trotteur, and a Merlot/Mollard blend aged in oak for the red Matthéüs), they will delight all those that appreciate a more classic style and are perfect for family occasions or a special dinner for two


Ma Cuvée

The “Ma Cuvée” range is composed of wines just made for gastronomy. These wines were introduced by Laetitia on her return to the Domaine and include a red made using the integral vinification method and aged in oak, an orange wine made from macerated white grapes, and a barrel-aged white for cellaring.

Each micro-cuvée, made with the greatest love and attention, possesses a little certain something that makes them unique.

They feature regularly in the specialist wine press, and have notably been praised by the Bettane et Desseauve guide, in which they were attributed the highest scores for the appellations of the Southern Alps in 2020.


Les Soleils

Our aptly named “Soleils” are sweet wines made from late harvested grapes gorged with sunshine! They are delicious as an aperitif, served with foie gras toasts for example, or with desserts.  


The Méthodes Traditionnelles

Our sparkling “Méthodes Traditionnelles” are crafted by hand entirely at the Domaine, with no added sugar or sulphites, which enables them to carry the label “Brut Nature”. They are made using the traditional method (historically known as the “méthode champenoise”). They were first created in the fifties when Louis Allemand served his military service in Champagne, in Reims, and was inspired to become a winemaker on his return to the Alps. They have extremely fine, delicate bubbles, and are a local, and natural, alternative to champagne and crémants.  They are ideal for all festive moments and celebrations!

Medals and Accolades

Our wines regularly receive awards at wine competitions such as the Concours Général Agricole at the Paris Agricultural Show or the Concours National des Vinalies.

To date, they have obtained 15 medals – 7 golds at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, several Grands Prix d’Excellence at the Concours National des Vinalies, and numerous prizes awarded by the female jury at the Féminalises, plus many other regional competitions.

Our white Théüsien and our Rayon de Soleil respectively obtained a silver medal and a gold medal at the Concours Général de Paris 2022.

Our wines have also been selected and recommended by the Hachette Guide for more than 20 years. And they have recently received superb marks in the Bettanne & Desseauve Guide, a veritable reference in the wine world.

All these accolades and distinctions encourage us and motivate us to continue improving the quality of our wines.

But our greatest reward remains the loyalty of our customers….

Some have been coming to the Domaine since its creation and our address is passed from generation to generation.